The meaning behind the name, Deacon Kenneth Jenn and I had the joy of welcoming Deacon Kenneth Wilson to the world over two months ago, on March 4, 2019.  Like our daughter’s name, Selah, we have gotten a diversity of responses from Deacon’s name. “Is that a name?”  “Isn’t that some sort of church office?”  […]

Being on a break from school this last month and being the slowest month of the year for the business has meant more days at home with Selah. Although it’s been great, it’s also been challenging and God has taught me at least four sweet lessons through it:   1. My idolization of being productive […]

As Jenn and I were spending time with good friends visiting in town this weekend, one asked me, “So how does it feel being a dad on Father’s Day?” Many times I respond to these inquiries with a knee jerk filler adjective such as, “great”, “awesome”, or (as we say in Christianese) “I’m so blessed”. […]

Christmas flew by for our family this year and it is difficult to fathom that the new year is beginning. I love celebrating the themes of Christmas because they make the season special by focusing on the specific truths that are foundational to why we celebrate. But I also love marinating on those themes because […]

I have just done two things that I often criticize others for:  Shouting out on social media that it is my birthday Asking people to do something for me on my birthday But let me tell you why I broke two rules I have for myself. In the car today I found myself thinking about […]

For Jenn and I, the last 24 hours has been a dazed mix of awe, gratitude, lack of sleep and encouragement We feel overwhelming gratitude for how God has blessed us with little Selah and she is an incredible gift to us. We have gotten a lot of comments on her name, anywhere from, “that’s […]

My dad and I have been dreaming about taking a fishing trip to Alaska as long as I can remember. With the looming severe decrease in free time for fly fishing due to the joy of our little girl on the way, what better time could there be to take action? So 6 months ago […]